Step off the time-for-money hamster wheel of client work

We help freelancers and agency owners better leverage their time, skills, and expertise by creating profitable online tech-focused courses. We're just getting started!


Regain control of your schedule by creating courses that leverage your time and digital tech expertise

Hi, we're Dave Foy and Chris Moore, collectively known as Teach The Tech. 🙌

We're the guys you turn to if you want to learn how to create highly profitable tech-focused online courses and make a bigger impact serving one-to-many.

Just a few years ago, I (Dave) was married to client work, slogging through web design projects I didn’t always believe in, and desperately searching for greater meaning.

I walked away from a successful web design business and a schedule that never felt like my own and started a profitable online education company, teaching digital tech online.

In the last four years, I’ve attracted a community of loyal and engaged followers, become a known and trusted expert in my niche, and built a multiple six-figure business from my at-home office.‍

But, most importantly, I’ve regained my freedom.

I know that if I can experience this kind of fulfilment and success through teaching digital tech online, there’s no reason why you can’t too!

And more... My partner-in-crime Chris has spent the last decade helping countless online coaches, educators, and course creators to launch and run successful online businesses with 6- and 7-figure annual revenues.

In fact, Chris's mentorship and advice early in my own career was a huge factor in helping me reach impressive revenue and success so quickly.

So we both get it:

You love working in your particular area of digital expertise, but you're tired of selling your time for money for a living. You want to leverage your skills, scale your impact, and get your freedom back.

We're the guys to help you make that happen.


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