5 Things To Consider Before You Fire All Your Clients And Start An Online Course Business


The online course business is one of the fastest-growing industries.

And, if you’re anything like most web builders we know, you probably want a piece of that highly lucrative pie.


Before you run head-long into selling a course you haven’t yet created it’s well worth pressing pause and taking some time to consider the 5 things that almost no one in the course creation space is talking about.

What you’ll learn in the free workbook could save you countless hours and a whole lot of frustration and confusion in the months to come…

...and encourage you to think less like a marketer and more like the difference-making teacher you aspire to become.


Who's Behind This?

Hi, we're Dave Foy and Chris Moore, collectively known as Teach The Tech🙌

We help digital experts like you step off the time-for-money hamster wheel, by teaching you how to better leverage your time, skills, and expertise to create profitable, tech-focused online courses.

I (Dave) am a former qualified primary school teacher in the UK. In 2003, I swapped teaching for web design and spent 15+ years running a profitable web agency.

Tired of trading time-for-money, in 2017 I returned to teaching—this time, online. In under three years, I went from zero (read: no subscribers, no social followers of any kind, and no income) to $250K/year in turnover, creating and selling tech-focused courses online.

And Chris has spent the last decade helping countless online coaches, educators, and course creators to launch and run successful online businesses with 6- and 7-figure annual revenues.

In fact, Chris's early mentorship and advice was a huge factor in helping me reach impressive revenue and success so quickly. More recently, recognizing we'd make a greater impact with our combined expertise and experience than working alone, we joined forces as Teach The Tech.

(Yep, that's kinda like the Avengers, but without the tight costumes, you'll be pleased to hear.)